Getting Started

Lets understand the basics of making beer.

Excellent books and guides on homebrewing are available on the internet. So go ahead and understand the process of homebrewing.

The ultimate guide to homebrewing -

Its not really that difficult to start brewing once you know the basics.

Some equipment needed for brewing in not available easily in India. So below are modifications to the process using Indian equipment.

The detailed process illustrated in a nice diagram - 

Download PDF here - The Indian homebrewing process


  1. Hi Sapan,
    Thanks for the great blog.
    I am based out of Bangalore and have been following your blog for some time now.
    I am in Pune over the weekend and was wondering if I can trouble you to assist me in procuring ingredients for a brew.
    It would also be great to talk to you over the phone too if that's ok.
    Thanks in advance
    Siddhant (

  2. Hi Siddhant,

    There are 2 places you can procure ingredients from -

    Bangalore based homebrew store -

    Gujarat based homebrew store -

    Besides feel free to call me. I will send you a mail with my number.

    - Sapan.

  3. is home brewing permissible?

  4. Hi Sapan,

    Its great to see you blog really helpful, I am giving my e mail id ( ) if you could reply in there and share your number, then we could talk . I am a new brewer in this field so if could give time for 5 min I will clear many doubts, I understand many people just like me asked for your number, but I promise you I will not give you pain by calling several times a day, you can trust me on that.

    Papu Banerjee

  5. Are there any workshops conducted in Hyderabad
    if so i would like attended one

  6. Hey Sapan,

    I've finally managed to brew - twice already. Have posted it up on Indibeers

  7. hi sapan,
    where can i buy the equipment in pune
    can you provide me the details on

    1. Have a look at for equipment and for ingredients.

  8. Hello everyone,

    I have a full homebrew kit with everything you need to brew your own beer from extract or grain.

    It is my own personal kit which I have to sell as I'm headed back to the US.

    If anyone is interested I am located in Haryana just near New Delhi.

    Will give a great price to an enthusiastic Homebrewer.

    To the bloggers, I hope there is no problem with me posting this here. And if you know anybody up north looking for some supplies then do let me know.


    1. I would have loved to buy it. But I am in Mumbai. Any store in Mumbai where I could buy the equipments?

  9. Am looking for a carboy to make wine. Am at Chandigarh. Anyone knowing where to get them?


  10. Hi Sapan,

    Is it necessary to not squeeze the bag? I have seen places where this is debunked as a myth

    1. It's a general suggestion. I have squeezed the bag a few times and not noticed any problems. But I have never done a side by side test.

  11. Check

    They have gotten the stuffs together for home brewing. I have ordered Lalvin Yeast and Hydrometer from them and it was delivered on time.

  12. HI Sapan
    thanks for the infomation it is very useful, i have one doubt regarding grain, can we use our regular indian wheat as grain or it will not be good. regards

    1. You need to use malted barley for most beers. Just using regular grain will not work at all.


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