Guava Goze

Guava is a fruit that always takes me back my school days. One of the simple joys of life back then was to borrow 50 paise from my parents to buy a guava outside school. 
The seller would make two cuts in the guava and fill it with salt and red mirchi powder. Yummy !!

Now when I am much older everything is a potential beer ingredient.
A beer with Guavas, why not ? And I have had a Guava pale ale before. So I wanted to make something new. 
Guava Goze just rhymed so well, I decided to go for it.
And how can you go wrong with a sour fruit beer !

Recipe Development
Inspiration was taken from my older Jamun Sour and the regular Goze.
So basically a kettle soured Goze with Guava.
The wheat malt was expected to give the beer a nice color and compliment the guava flavor.

8L, all-grain, OG = 1.046, FG = 1.01, IBU = 10

1Kg Pale Malt
0.7Kgs Wheat Malt

4g Magnum Hops ( 30 mins )

3g Safale S04 

650g Guava Pulp in secondary
7g Salt ( 1g / liter added to priming sugar)

Kettle sour the wort with Dahi ( Yogurt ). Follow the standard kettle souring process - here.
The wort started at 5.6pH and was at 3.6pH in 48 hours.

Starting pH 5.6

Ending pH 3.6

Ferment the beer as usual.

It is important to chose guavas that are correctly ripened. Remember we want them to be at their peak aroma.
So I bought guavas which were a little un-ripe ( hard ) and kept them on my dining table ( covered in a mesh ) for a couple of days. After two days the whole place smelled of guava.
I checked, they were not totally yellow and soft yet.
This was the right time to process them.
If you let them ripen too much, there is a chance they will get infected.

  • Make sure none of the fruit is infected.
  • Wash with water. 
  • Give them a sanitizer rinse.
  • Sanitize an airtight container and a knife.
  • Chop into 1 inch cubes and freeze in the sanitized container.

  • Wait for about 5 days for the primary fermentation to slow down.
  • Thaw the frozen fruit. ( Keep the container closed at room temp for a few hours ).
  • Puree the fruit in a sanitized mixer grinder jar ( Add a shot of vodka along with the fruit )
  • Add the puree to the fermenter
  • Ferment for 4 days. It will be a mess floating on top.
  • Cold Crash

Tasting Notes
The beer was an instant hit among the brewers and the general public alike.
A good homebrewer friend described it really well. So I am going to paste it here -
Light, refreshing, salty, and a balanced guava flavor.

The salt and the wheat malt gave it a fuller mouthfeel. The sourness made it refreshing, while the salt complimented the guava to re-create the childhood guava experience.

I personally do not fancy the idea of adding chilies to a beer or any other alcoholic beverage. But maybe I will add a green chili to a glass to see how it tastes.

Next time

I might go a tad bit easier on the salt, and a little further on the sourness.
I can also try skipping the wheat malt to make a clear beer.


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