Chocolate Milkshake Porter

I recently traveled to the UK and had a lovely chocolate milkshake stout.
We all loved it, including my wife and the brother in law. Next day they very conveniently challenged me to re-create the beer, and as I went searching for the empty bottle of beer to see if there are any specs or ingredients, I realized it was already thrown away. 
I was out of luck, so back to designing the recipe.

Recipe Development

Chocolate and milkshake, so cocoa and lactose were obvious.
The idea is to have a little more chocolate and a little extra body and perceived sweetness than regular porters.
The danger is that with too much cocoa and lactose it can become cloying to a point where it can be hard to finish a full pint.
So I took my base porter recipe and added moderate amount of cocoa and lactose. I also added a little extra chocolate malt to amp up the chocolate and coffee.
I chose the cadbury plain cocoa for this as it smells rich and has only a little bit of vanilla ( not too much ).


Batch Size - 21L, IBU - 25, OG - 1.060, FG - 1.014

4.5 Kgs PMV Pale Malt
250g DVKSP Crystal

400g DVKSP Chocolate
100g Black Patent Malt
250g Quaker Oats
350g Lactose ( End of boil )

22g Magnum ( 60 mins )
2g CaCO3 in mash 

11g US05 Yeast

110g Cocoa ( Tea in fermenter in secondary )

The batch was brewed on my new RoboBrew.

Tasting notes

There was a good amount of chocolate and coffee on the nose and the palette.
The lactose gave it some body and sweetness, but wasn't overwhelming. I could easily finish two pints of it in an evening.
Overall a very crowd pleasing beer. Very close to what was intended.

Next Time

I personally think this could have done with a little more cocoa and a little more bitterness to make it more of a bitter chocolate porter. 
But I am not sure if it will be so crowd pleasing then :(


  1. Congratulations for your new RoboBrew. This upping the ante was long overdue.
    God bless u for even more advanced homebrew additions............

  2. Do DVKSP supply homebrew essentials in small quantities.

  3. Did you get the machine UK? Any issues with customs?


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