Azacca Pale Ale

A lot of my brews are experiments to see what a new ingredient contributes to the beer. This simple pale ale was to try out Azacca hops.

Recipe Development

Since the idea was to evaluate the new hop variety, the grain bill was kept simple. A usual pale ale recipe to highlight the hops. I also added a little bit of centential hops to add some  complexity, but could have done without it.
And because I am homebrewing, I can afford to throw in a shit load of hops !!


8L, all-grain OG = 1.060  FG = 1.011 IBU = 30


1.8Kgs Irex Pale Malt
50g Munich Malt ( Optional )
50g Crystal Malt

8g Columbus ( 60 mins )
8g Azacca ( 5 mins )
8g Centenial ( 5 mins )
8g Centenial ( Dry Hop )
8g Azacca ( Dry Hop )

3.5g Safale US05

I suggest you change the grain bill to reduce the original gravity of the beer.

Tasting Notes

This one turned out delicious. All I had to do is ensure clean fermentation, and hops did the magic.
Most people immediately pointed out the fruity aroma. Raw mangoes, pineapple, orange were obvious to everyone.
I was surprised by a little bit of spice that was getting on the palate. This was also from the hops.
2 weeks in the bottle and this beer smelled like a fruit salad !!!
I refrigerated it at this point. Every subsequent week, it was losing the fresh hop aroma, and more spiciness was starting to emerge.
After 5 weeks, the hop aroma was significantly subdued, and I could taste and smell the alcohol too.
Very delicate beer.

Overall a lovely hop. Will definitely use it again for dry hopping. Probably make an NEIPA with it.

Next Time

I will reduce the OG, to make it less boozy. Bring it down to 1.050.
I would pair this hop with cascade / citra to make a super complex beer.


  1. Hello Sapan!

    Thank you for your blog. It is an absolutely superb reference for someone like me who is just trying to get started. I would like to start with this recipe but would want to use a DME instead of grains. Would love any tips that you might have on offer. My email is amrtheone [at] gmail.


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