DIY Carboy / Keg Washer

Washing kegs and carboys in arguably one of the more tedious jobs when homebrewing. Here's a build for a carboy and keg washer which takes the hard work/time out of it.

Here's a list of parts needed for this build and a picture of them all laid out.

Cleaning Head:
I purchased mine from but it should be fairly easy to source it locally or on Indiamart. Spray balls come in fixed and rotary type and both of these should work well. Rotary spray balls need a certain pressure for them to operate as designed, and this is where the pump sizing makes a difference.

3/4" CPVC pipe - 1 ft length

In order to attach the spray ball to the pipe, we'll need a male threaded adapter on which the spray ball can be screwed on.

3/4" CPVC brass male adapter 1/2" thread

Pump Connections:
If you're just interested in the carboy washer, you can simply connect the bottom end of the pipe to the outlet barb on the pump with small piece of braided tubing and hose clamps, but by adding a tee at the pump outlet you can easily extend the functionality of this to washing kegs as well. 

3/4" CPVC brass tee with 1/2" female thread
CPVC Brass Tee
1/2" Hex Double Threaded Nipple (SS or brass)
Image result for 1/2 inch hex double thread
1/2" Tee (SS or brass)
Image result for 1/2 inch tee
1/2" hose barb x 2
Image result for 1/2 inch hose barb
1/4" ID braided hose pipe

Here are the specifications of the pump. You want a pump which has enough flow rate for optimum cleaning efficiency. This one's a chinese pump bought off the shelf in Lohar Chawl, Mumbai.

Putting it all together

Fits nicely in a bucket

In action

Link to couple other builds found online for more ideas:


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