Easy peasy Cider

This is going to be your easiest brew ever, promise !! I present the the super easy Apple Cider.
Your brew day is going to be 20 mins when you make this Apple Cider.
I should have posted this earlier as its already end of summer in many parts of the country, but here it is.

Apple cider is typically made by juicing special cider apples which have various tanins and acids that impart a complex flavor in the cider. These are not the typical apple varieties that we eat. I don't know of any easy sources of these apples here in India. So we are going to use this - 

Yes, that's what makes this a 20 min brew day. Use packaged apple juice without preservatives and other chemicals. I use Tropicana 100% apple juice. Feel free to use any brand without preservatives.
I measured the gravity of the apple juice, and it was 1.048. Doesn't need any dilution.

And we will make up for the lack of acids and tanins later.


7 liters of packaged apple juice
Yeast nutrient ( Optional )
0.5g of baking soda
3 to 7 grams Yeast ( Safbrew T58 / Safale S04 / other beer yeast )

Brew Day

  • Sanitize the fermenter
  • Sanitize the mouths of each apple juice packet
  • Pour all the apple Juice into the fermenter.
  • Add the Yeast nutrient if you have one. Don't worry too much if you don't have it.
  • Add 0.5g of baking soda, and gently stir. I found that the pH of the juice is low, we need to adjust it. If you have a pH meter bring it up to 5.2, keep adding more baking soda until you hit that pH. Again, if you don't have a pH meter , don't worry.
  • Add yeast. If you have added yeast nutrient, add 3 grams, else add 7 grams of yeast.
  • Ferment for atleast 15 to 20 days. Cider typically takes a much longer to ferment compared to beer. If you did not add nutrient, it will take even longer to ferment. Taste every 5 days after the first 15 days. When you like it go ahead and bottle using any of the options below.

Sanitize the mouth of the packet

Empty the juice into the fermenter

Add the yeast

Bottling options

There are many options during bottling. Still, carbonated, with tanins, back sweetened, dry and so on.
You can try any combination.

Dry still cider

Just bottle the still cider and keep the bottle in a regular fridge. Drink and enjoy.

Dry Carbonated cider

Add some sugar syrup / apple juice to each bottle and keep the bottles at room temperature for a few days to let them carbonate.

Back Sweetened still cider

Add some sugar syrup/ apple juice to each bottle to add sweetness to the cider and keep the bottles in the fridge immediately, so they stay sweet and do not carbonate.

Back sweetened carbonated cider

Now this is a tricky one. You can't get everything in life.. figure out a way :) Post your ideas for this one in comments section below.

Addition of tanins

Since our apple juice doesn't contain any natural tanins, the cider may taste one dimensional. Tanins add a very mild and pleasant bitterness to the brew. Tea is the most convenient source of tanins for us.

Boil 4g of society tea in 200ml of water for 2-3 mins, strain and add the solution to 7 liters of cider before bottling.

This is totally optional. You can also try to mix some cider with a little bit of the tea before you all it to all the cider.

Addition of Acid

If you feel that the cider is too sweet or you want to add some more complexity to the sourness, add some lemon juice at bottling. Adding juice of one lemon to a 600ml bottle would be a good start.

Other Options

From concentrate

You can also make cider from apple juice concentrate. I have used HPMC apple juice concentrate before. It is the only one which does not have any additives. Just dilute it one is to 9 in some boiled and cooled water, and you got apple juice. It also turns out much cheaper than buying packaged juice.
But lately I have failed to get hold of the concentrate. It is out of stock everywhere. People in north India might be able to get hold of some.

Add fruits and spices

You can add pulped fruit or spices to secondary fermentation. Mangoes, strawberries, cinnamon, pepper, and the list goes on.


  1. Great post and recipe!
    I'm making this tomorrow..

  2. Just curious. Can we do the same with Mango juice. I tasted one in Prankster Gurgaon and was trying to replicate it by adding it in secondary and once added it in primary but could not replicate. May be this is a good option just plain mango juice.


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