Black Peppercorn and Thai Basil Witbier

This recipe is inspired by the Thai basil plant growing on my terrace garden. Thai basil is a culinary herb which has a pleasant, anise and liquorice-like aroma. These aromas were complemented with an addition of ground black peppercorns.

Vital Statistics
(22L, All-grain)
OG: 1.040
FG: 1.013
ABV: 3.5%
IBU: 10.5
SRM: 4

3kg Pilsner Malt (50%)
3kg Unmalted Wheat (50%)
7g Chinook (13% AA, 60 minutes)
44g Scoured Thai basil leaves (10 minutes)
44g Ground Black Peppercorns (10 minutes)
22g Scoured Thai basil leaves (dry hopped)
Safbrew T-58 yeast

Mash Schedule
38°C for 20 minutes
67°C for 60 minutes

Brew as you normally would. As the boil progresses, cut fresh Thai basil leaves from the garden, scour them and keep them ready. Also, measure the black peppercorns, grind them coarsely and keep ready.

Coarsely ground black peppercorns

Thai basil

Add the basil leaves and the peppercorns with 10 minutes left in the boil. Cool down the wort post boiling, transfer to fermentor (yes, it should be spelt that way) and pitch yeast.

Ferment at 18°C for the first 4 days. Bump the temperature up to 22°C (let it freely rise). Dry hop with another addition of basil leaves for 3 days and then you're good to bottle!

Carbonate to 2.7 volumes of CO2.

Tasting Notes
This was actually my first attempt so I did not really know how much aroma/flavour to expect. The aromas of both the peppercorns and basil were apparent, distinct and pleasant. Overall, the aromas were well-balanced. In terms of flavour, there was some heat due to the black peppercorns. Thai basil flavour was present in a good proportion. Adjust the quantity of peppercorns per your taste. Although the heat wasn't too intruding or spicy, I would recommend reducing the quantity of peppercorns! 


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