Brewing resources

I can safely say that I have learnt all about brewing almost entirely on the internet. 
My adventures in homebrewing and commercial brewing wouldn't have been possible without it.

This is a compilation of online brewing resources that I regularly follow.
Some podcasts and blogs keep me updated on whats happening in the brewing world, while some of the websites are my goto reference for anything I need to know about brewing.


Listening to brewing podcasts is one of my favorite pastimes when I am on the move. Here are the best ones. Use your favorite app on iPhone or Android to subscribe to the podcasts.

Beersmith Podcast 

This a to the point podcast completely focused on homebrewing. No bullshit. Only useful content. I highly recommend this one.

The Brewing Network

The Brewing NetworkJamil and John, the most famous names in Homebrewing world run this set of podcasts. Pick and choose the ones that interest you. I recommend "Brewing with style" and the "Brew Strong" ones.

Don't mind some offensive language, a lot of adverts and some fun.

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These guys believe in trying everything out themselves instead of believing in old and established methods and techniques. They will almost prove that you believe in superstitions !!
The experiments are fun. 
I high recommend you look at the techniques they use to conduct their experiments instead of just looking at the result of the experiment.

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Master Brewers Podcast

This is really advanced stuff. Mostly for commercial brewers. Give it a shot if you like, but it can get extremely technical for most part.

Websites / Blogs


I make sure I read the style profile here before attempting a new style.


Subscribe to read about their experiments.


For recipes and everything else about brewing.

Brewer's Friend

For calculators and tools.

How to Brew

How can I forget where I started, my first homebrewing book.

Mad Fermentationist

For sour beers and other recipes

Indian Brewer

The ultimate guide to homebrewing in India.

Please share the homebrewing resources that your follow in the comments below.
I will add them to the list too.


  1. Homebrew talk i think is a very good form for homebrewing


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