Lemongrass Wheat

I haven't posted on the blog for a long time now. But I have been brewing a lot. So stay tuned for some amazing recipes to make up for the lost time.
With the formal apology out of the way, let's get to the exciting stuff.

In the last few months I have been looking for local ingredients which can give my beer an interesting twist. How long was I going to take inspiration from the American books and beers. I was looking for herbs, grains, yeasts, fruits, and so on.
As I walked around in my little balcony, I saw Lemongrass. My wife loves it in her tea, and I figured it might lend a very interesting aroma to the beer.

Recipe development 

I always start by imagining how I would drink the beer. Complete with the setting and the how it would taste.
"I would love to drink this refreshing beer with a fresh lemongrass and citrus aroma on a sunny afternoon, right next to my lemongrass pot." 
So the base beer I chose was an American Wheat. 
And what about that citrus aroma ? A quick look in the fridge solved the problem. Cascade Hops.

I crushed a few lemongrass leaves in my hand, while I was happy with the aroma, I got worried about them lending a grassy / leafy flavor to the beer. So I asked a couple of trusted friends for ideas on how to add lemongrass to the beer.

Two suggestions -
- Put the lemongrass leaves in a bowl covered with a tissue paper and keep it in the fridge to dry them out for a week.
- Just put the lemongrass leaves in a vegetable bag and hang dry them in shade.
Drying the leaves would reduce the amount of grassy flavor ( hopefully ).

Then either boil them in water and add the water to secondary, or soak them in vodka and add the vodka to secondary.

I chose to fridge dry and then boil in small amount of water for 5 mins and add the water to secondary.I would encourage you to try different methods and send me the results.


16 L, all-grain OG = 1.050  FG = 1.010 IBU = 10

2.5 Kgs Pilsner Malt
2.5 Kgs Wheat Malt

5g Columbus ( 60 mins )
15g Cascade ( 5 mins )

Safale US05 6gms

Special Ingredients
20g fridge dried lemongrass boiled in water and the water was added to the secondary

Tasting notes

The beer tasted great 2 weeks after bottling. All the flavors blended well by then.
The Cascade hops and lemongrass add a beautiful aroma to the beer. Most of the drinkers could identify lemongrass on the nose.
A very respected professional brewer loved it said he would add lemongrass to his IPA looking at the flavor that it adds..

Next time

Next time I will try a different way to add the lemongrass, like soaking in Vodka.
How about adding some ginger or orange peel or lime to the beer next time ?


  1. looks interesting, I brewed wit style but with highlights of cinnamon.I haven't tasted it yet though...

    1. Hey Siddharth,
      Cinnamon is very interesting. I have tried it before. Sometimes it turned out really good. Sometimes it was too much. Let us know how yours turns out.
      If its good, you can post the recipe for rest of us.

    2. Hi Sapan, so i tasted the beer and surprisingly the cinnamon notes have dumbed down a lot but that has allowed coriander and some citrus to shine through. It has turned put pretty good.
      I'd like to contribute to the blog and help fellow brewers out, I'd also like to share the recipe for this beer.


    3. Good to see it turned out well. Send me an email at sapanmaniyar@gmail.com and I will grant you access to post on the blog.

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