White Trash IPA

Here is the story of the White Trash IPA.
One wednesday afternoon in office I realize that my fridge is empty, nothing was fermenting. What the hell !! Let me brew something tonight. I come home to realize that there is not enough of any ingredients to brew a classic style. So I weighted all the malt, hops and yeast that I had, and created a White IPA recipe.
Hence the name. Just threw in whatever I had. Come on, you didnt think I was racist, did you ;)


16 L, all-grain OG = 1.056  FG = 1.018 IBU = 55

1.5 Kgs Indian Pilsner Malt
1.5 Kgs Pale Ale Malt
2.5 Kgs Wheat Malt

25g Columbus ( 60 mins ) 25g Newport ( 5 mins ) 28g Citra ( Dry hop ) 10g Amarilo ( Dry Hop )

11g Ale 514 Mauribrew Yeast

Tasting Notes

Like any IPA the beer changed character noticeably every 2 weeks.

2 weeks after bottling - There was an assertive bitterness from the Columbus hops on the back palate, and there was a very apparent Guava and some mint on the nose. The Guava was definitely from the newport hops. The beer tasted like like hop juice.

4 weeks at bottling - The beer rounded out a lot, the bitterness was more pleasant now. The mint on the nose had disappeared, and the Guava was not that prominent. But there was nice citrus aroma from the Amarilo hops. Now even the people who are not hop heads liked it.

This one turned out to be a nice session IPA in the end.


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