Coffee Stout

I have been a little lazy about publishing this one but here goes!
Stouts and Porters are my favorite beer styles because of the sheer amount of complexity they have to offer to challenge your nose and palate. Dark Chocolate, Baking Chocolate, Robust Coffee, Burnt Caramel, Charred Grains, Resin etc. are just some notes that are commonly associated with Stouts & Porters. Also, these styles come with some amount of versatility which can be explored by adding lactose, oats, cocoa nibs, cherries, orange peel, vanilla, spices, lager yeast etc. at different stages of the brewing process.

Batch Size: 8.5L
OG: 1.040
FG 1.012
ABV: 4.9%
IBU’s: 16.32
Mash Efficiency: 71.8%
Attenuation: 75%

English Marris Otter – 1,667gms (88%)
English Dark Crystal – 78gms (4%)
English Chocolate – 78gms (4%)
English Black – 78gms (4%)

Since I had imported malts I used them but one can use Indian malts – 2 row, Crystal (or LME), Chocolate & Black (for crystal, chocolate & black malts see Proof AM’s post ‘Homemade Specialty Malts’)

60 mins – 9gm – Fuggles AA 5.3%

Boil Addition
20 mins – 68gms of coarsely grounded coffee beans 
  • Selection and volume of coffee beans depends upon your taste preference. I used 68 grams (40gms per 5 litres) 2nd crack coffee beans for a robust coffee flavour.
  • But play around with your coffee beans volume depending on the coffee roast you choose and amount of chocolate/black malt in your grain bill (chocolate & black malt also impart robust coffee flavours).
  • Brand: I used Peace Coffee (2nd crack) & Blue Tokai Attikan (2nd crack) respectively in the 2 batches I have brewed.
  • I added the coffee to the boil but there are multiple ways of adding coffee to beer. One can add espresso shots to the secondary/bottles, soak coffee beans in bourbon/vodka and add to secondary, throw the coffee beans in the secondary and so on. Explore what works best for you and your equipment.
4gms Dry Yeast Safale S-04 (re-hydrated before  pitching)

Corn Sugar 6gms/litre

Tasting Notes
Pours very dark brown with a biscuit brown head which dissipates in couple minutes.
Robust coffee & charred grain on the nose.
Begins with malty chocolate on the palate and coffee on the sides.
Medium body and is a mouthful which ends with burnt chocolate and robust burnt grain bitterness and the coffee aftertaste lingers.

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  1. Finally this post!!
    Pratik, this was one of the best coffee stouts I ever tasted. The balance was just perfect. I have no clue how long you aged it, but it turned out excellent.

    I recommend this recipe to anyone who wants to know what a Coffee Stout really is.

    1. Thanks Ameya!
      When you had the Coffee Stout it was 3 months in bottle. Cheers!

  2. hi ... i have a question about your mash tun. i have exactly the same cooler. i wish to install the ball valve thing but unable to find a pipe nipple small enough to fit through it. could you help?

    1. Check the post on making a mash tun. That might help you solve the problem -

  3. Dear Pratik,
    I have a query. I see you have used traditional beer bottles with caps. Please could you let me know can I buy a capper? I have seen Caps are available online. I am based in Kolkata.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Arindam,

    Caps and bench top cappers are available in local markets in India, but they are big, heavy and expensive.

    Caps are also available online here -

    Cappers -
    If someone is travelling from US, get the ask them to get it from

    You can also order from, but takes a long time to come from China.

    Or call Sagar in Pune, he may have cappers in stock too. Contact details -


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