The Hopgasm !!!

I have always been a hop head. A true IPA ( IBU > 40 ) is not very easy to find in most brew pubs, but when I find one, its the only beer I drink.
And for this love of hops, I always wanted to make a Double IPA.
The name says it all. A beautiful hop bomb !!!

Now a double IPA technically is over a 100 IBUs and around 8+ percent alcohol.
Did I really create a DIPA recipe ? I chickened out on the IBUs.
This was fear of rejection. No one will drink my 100 IBU beer :(
In the past many people refused to have another pint of my 50 IBU IPA.
Anyways I went for 70 IBUs and named it the Hopgasm !!!
I wanted to push my boundaries and see what I can create with enough hops at hand.

Here is the recipe -

16L recipe
OG = 1.067 , FG = 1.009
IBU = 70

6 kgs Indian Pale Ale Malt ( you can use any other base malt )
300g Table Sugar

40g Centenial ( 90 mins )
15g Centenial ( 60 mins )
15g Amarillo  ( 5 mins )
14g Simcoe    ( 5 mins )
14g Amarillo ( dry hop for 10 days)
14g Simcoe   ( dry hop for 10 days)

8g Safale S05

Boil time was 90 mins. The beer was fermented for 3 weeks, with dry hopping in the last 10 days.

The amount of hops as you can see, made this one of my most expensive beers.
I tasted the beer 10 days after bottling.
The beer had the desired bitterness, and good hoopy aroma. but not enough for a clean IPA.
After 2 weeks I tasted with a bunch of homebrwers, and what a beer !!! Everyone loved the beer, even the people who don't like "Bitter" beers.
The Simcoe and Amarillo hops had shown the magic. This was as good as any other IPA, I have ever tasted.
The balance of bitterness, flavor and aroma was bang on. I have been waiting to find this equilibrium for a long time.
Its all worth the long wait.
Next time more hops in the dry hopping..

I promise a real Double IPA soon.
So be brave and go all out on Hops ..
Waiting to hear more IPA stories from around India...


  1. Simcoe and Amarillo have done their job perfectly. Perceivable bitterness is about 60 but the late addition hops have changed the entire game. Excellent aroma (fruity, mangoes and pine), flavor and finish.
    Well done Sapan!

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    1. Gotta love IPA's! Can't wait to try this with some Citra and Millennium hops!


  4. Oh my god - people were worried about drinking your 50 IBU IPA? And I just made a 95.8 IBU Stout!! Hopefully no one will like it. All mine, mine, mine!

    1. Well this was a 70 IBUs. But most people ( I say most, not all ), don't like anything above 50. We need to develop a taste for Bitter beers here. Even worldwide its only the Americans who drink 80 and 90 IBU beers. Most traditional European beers we nowhere close to that.

      95 IBU stout !!! I would love to taste it. Let's bring a HOP revolution.

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