Maharaja Red Ale

Maharaja Red Ale was truly an excellent batch appreciated my many. The reason I gave it an Indian name is because I used a very local ingredient Ragi, also known as finger millet. I malted Ragi at home, dried and then roasted it.
Base style was an Irish Red with a few modifications. A very easy drinking and refreshing beer with a dry finish.
It was also the first time I used the Fermentis K97 yeast strain. This yeast is originally a German ale strain but I wanted to add a twist to my beer, so used it for this Red ale.

"Maharaja Red Ale"

All Grain
Target volume: 8L                          Boil Volume: 10L
Mash efficiency ~ 75%
OG: 1.040                    FG: 1.008
SRM: 15                      IBU: 35
4.2% abv


Pilsner Malt           -  1.1 kg
Vienna Malt           -  250 grams
Ragi malt               -  100 grams
Roasted Barley       -  20 grams

  • Step mash 46-48°C for 20 mins
  • Then 65-68°C for 60 mins


East Kent Goldings - 11g - 60mins
Williamette              - 6g   - 20mins
Saaz                         - 5g   - 15 mins
  • Irish Moss/ Whirlfloc tablet at 15 mins for maximum clarity.


Fermentis K97
  • Primary at 17°C for 14 days.
  • Bottle at room temperature for 3 weeks minimum.
  • Cold conditioning for 10 days.

Final Notes:

Maharaja Red turned out crystal clear. Colour was a perfect RED!
Head and head retention was surprisingly great. I feel the malted Ragi had something to do with this.
Aroma: Malty, slight hops and hints of pears and peaches (this had to do with the K97 yeast of which I'll be writing a review later on)
Taste and Mouthfeel : True to the style, EKG hops had done their job perfectly. IBUs were perceived a little more than calculated, but no one was complaining. Finish was super dry and refreshing as ever.


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