Puneri Honey Basil Ale

Hello Brewers,

Recently in Pune we had a small Brew-Off and this recipe got the highest numbers. My fellow home brewers and a BJCP certified judge, scored the beers on BJCP guidelines. We decided to name it after the City of Pune because it uses lot of local ingredients in the recipe. The base style is English Bitter but with few twists and alterations. The beer will have a clean and dry finish with holy Basil leaves and natural unpasteurized honey giving a nice refreshing aroma. The basil in right amount in secondary fermentation will also impart desired clove like phenols. So the beer will have a very interesting aroma in the finish.

Here’s the recipe for "Puneri Honey Basil Bitter":

All Grain

Target Volume: 8L                            
Mash Efficiency: Approx. 60%
OG: 1.044                                              FG: 1.010
ABV: 4.46%
IBU- 30-35


Pilsner Malt -1300 grams

Caramunich - 80grams

Chocolate wheat - 15grams

Honey - 150grams (Approximately 11% of total fermentable)

Hop Schedule: 

Magnum Hops: 6 grams in boil for 50 minutes.
We only use bittering hops as aroma hops may conflict with aroma of basil and honey. Some bitterness of the hops will be balanced by residual sweetness of honey.

Mash Schedule:

Single infusion mash for 60 minutes at 66 C.


WLP 001, WLP 002 or Safale 04.
Primary- 21 C for 6 to 7 days.
Secondary- 18 C for 10 days.

Pasteurizing and pitching honey:

Pasteurize honey keeping it in oven at 80 C for two hours. Pre-heat the oven at 75 C and then increase the temperature at 80 C once you place in the honey in the oven. After 2.5 hours, place the honey in an ice bath to bring it to room temperature. Now add boiled water to honey so as to match the gravity of your beer. Different samples of honey will have different sugar contents hence the water to honey ratio cannot be precisely defined. I used 2 liters of water for 150 grams of honey to achieve the gravity of 1.044. Pitch the honey when the wort is at is at high krausen.

Pitching Basil:

Add basil in Secondary fermenter. If you are not using a secondary fermenter you can pitch the leaves directly into the primary fermenter after 6 to 7 days. Disinfect the basil leaves by soaking it some form of pure alcohol (approx 30ml) for a minimum of 12 hours (Vodka, gin). Add the basil along with vodka into the secondary fermenter.

Priming Sugar And Carbonation: 

Prime to get 1.9 volumes of  CO2.  Carbonate at around 18C for at least 8 to 10 days.  Cold Condition at 4 C for at least 3 days before consuming.

Final Notes: 

You can serve the beer with some fresh basil leaves.  I have done a couple of batches of this beer trying to improvise each time. Thanks to my fellow brewers Sapan, Partha and Proof Am, finally I came with this version of the recipe, which works just fine.



  1. I still cannot get over the complex aroma of this beer. It was mind blowing! :D

  2. Truly an amazingly refreshing beer!

  3. Cheers. Mesmerising aroma and the taste lingers with the aroma for a while on the palet.

  4. This is true innovation. Very good use of local Indian ingredients !!! The aroma of this beer is heavenly !!!


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