Pune Marzen

Hello brewers,

This is a recipe that I have personally enjoyed the most; brewing as well as drinking. It is one of the world's favorite beer, the Oktoberfest style Marzen. 
This style is characterized by a medium to full body, a malty flavour and a clean dry finish. As tradition tells us, this style of beer was brewed in March and was conditioned till late Summer. The remaining bottles were served at Oktoberfest.

As it is with almost all styles, there are hundreds of recipes for this particular beer, often tailored to the drinker's preference. 

So here it is, my version of Marzen using the commonly available ingredients in India.

"Pune Marzen"  

All Grain [Difficulty: Intermediate]
Target Volume: 8L                             Boil Volume: 10L
Mash efficiency ~ 75%
OG: 1.054                                          FG: 1.011
SRM: 7                                               IBU: 27
~5.5% abv


Pilsner Malt     -      1.5 kg
Munich Malt    -       200 grams
Vienna Malt     -      120  grams
Crystal 20L      -      100 grams

Step mash:
  • 58-60 C for 40 min
  • 68-70 C for 40 min
Use your favorite lautering and sparging method

Boil Time : 60 min


Hallertau (5.3%AA)   -    12 g    -    60 min
Tetnanger (4%AA)    -     6 g     -    10 min


Marzen beer is usually subjected to fermentation by lager yeast, but due to unavailability of lager yeast I fermented mine with a clean fermenting American ale yeast.

Safale US-05

  • Primary - 16C for 8 days
  • Secondary - 14C for 10 days 
  • Cold crash - 8C for 2 days
Use DME or table sugar for priming appropriately. I carbonated mine with DME getting approx 2.8 volumes of CO2.
  • Carbonation -18C for 10 days (If you use DME - 18C for 16 days)

Final Notes:

(Pre-bottle tasting session)

  • Bittering hops can be substituted with any German noble variety.
  • Bottle conditioning for minimum 6 weeks after carbonation.
  • Irish moss can be added 15 mins before flame out for maximum clarity.
Try it out and let me know your opinion.

Cheers till next time!


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