Motorize the Grain mill

I have been using the Grain mill ( corona mill type ) for a quite some time. For larger batches we need to mill almost 6kgs of Indian malt. And anyone who uses the Corona mill knows the pain of milling by hand.
Its a full workout !!! And I am one lazy ass.

So I looked up the internet and found that there is a very easy way to motorize the mill.
Just use a hand drill.
In this post I will show you how to motorize the Indian grain mill.

Here is how my grain mill looks

Disclaimer - 

Please make sure you know what you are doing. While attempting this you can damage or burn your drill. You can also break the mill itself.  If you are not careful you can get seriously hurt.

Step 1

Remove the key that holds the wheel type handle in place. The handle is not needed anymore.
Go to the next door hardware store and get a bolt which is exactly the same size as the key.
Screw in the bolt where the key used to fit in the drill.

Step 2

Now we have a bolt and we need some way to rotate it with a drill machine.
You can do any work-around ( Jugad ) that you like. Here is what I did.
I had one of these screw driver sets at home. I chose the nut key that fits the bolt head, and the small piece that fits the screw-driver to fit on the drill. The picture will explain better.

And this is how it finally looks when you rotate it.


  1. Make sure that your drill is powerful enough. I recommend a drill that is at-least 450 Watts or more.
  2. You don't want to overload the drill. So make sure you adjust the grain input screw to minimum. You can slowly let more grain in as you get a feel that the drill can take more load.
  3. Always let the drill rotate at almost constant speed. This takes some practice.
  4. If the drill keeps jamming, your drill will burn out. So adjust the speed of the drill and the grain inlet accordingly.
  5. As the drill rotates for more times, hot air will blow out of the drill. This can burn your hands. So be careful and let the drill cool down if it gets too hot.
Once you get the hang of it, you can mill 6 kgs of barley malt in 30 mins.


I went ahead and made a small stand for the mill. Asked my carpenter to make a hole in a 18mm thick plywood. Make sure that the piece of plywood is heavy, otherwise it will move. He put sun mica on both sides and made it look nice, but you can always do without it.
Then place it on top of a bucket and you are done!!

The capacity of the mill's container is very small. So I cut up a plastic jar and fit it on top of the container. Now I don't need to keep filling it several times.

- Originally posted by SAPAN


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