My second recipe share: (100% Indian malt beer)
My all time favourite beer. This beer comes from "Koln" in Germany and is protected by convention that says the beer should be light in colour, high attenuated, hop accentuated and clean top fermenting beer. This beer falls under hybrid category which means the beer can be either lager or ale depending on the yeast. Its light bodied beer with a subtle fruitiness and bitter finish. This beer goes well with indian food and can substitute water after meals. The beer is made from base malts, so lets get on with the brewing:

Grain bill: 8 lit batch, OG-1.045

Pilsner- 88%-   1.721 kg
Wheat- 12%-   0.217 kg

Hops- Magnum 15%- 22 IBU- 4 grams (60 min boil)

Yeast- Ale 514 

Batch Priming- 7g/lit- 56g sugar for the whole batch

Mashing Schedule:

1. Take 4 litre water and get the temp to 67*C and then add the crushed grains and target 63*C for 1.30 min (add 2 g ph stabiliser)

2. Take the mash temp to 71*C for 15 min.

3. Take the mash temp to 76*C for 5 min.

4. Mash out at 76*C.

5. Sparge with 7 litre of water at 78*C.


Start boil and add the hops at boil over remember to use a hop bag to get rid of the hop trub after boil

Liqueur Back Technique:

This technique is used for gravity adjustment after boil to get the target gravity and the volume of the wort. Basically, after boil the wort loses 1-3 litres depending on the heat thus this should be added back after boil i recommend you add 1 litre and take gravity reading then if required add another litre and again take gravity reading. This process can become nuisance if you are using a hydrometer. Thus to simplify i recommend you use REFRACTOMETER as it just uses few drops for gravity adjustment. Lastly,  after the gravity is adjusted get wort to a final boil-over and then cut off the heat the reason to do this is to sanitise the water you have added. If its RO water then you can skip the final step.


While cooling I recommend you use a lid with a partial opening and a stirring spoon inside. Keep on stirring till you get the wort down to 25*C. The reason you use lid is because it prevents fruitflies and other things entering the cooled wort.
Then pour the beer into Fermenter and shake the wort for 5 min areation.


1. Primary fermentation- 17*C for 6 days
    (If using Safale 04 ferment at 14*C for 7 days)

2. Rack the beer on the 7th day to separate the beer from the dead yeast

3. Condition the beer after primary- 10*C for 7 days


Bottle the beer by using batch priming technique on 13/14 day. After bottling, keep the beer at 22-24*C for 6 days and then transfer all the bottles to 4*C fridge and keep there for 2 days before consuming.

Tasting notes:

Well balance light bodied beer with subtle fruitiness and slightly clove aroma. The hops present should not give flavour or smell, it should strictly impart bitterness.

Cheers.....I hope this helps and please do leave us comment and your experience in brewing it.

Happy brewing :)

Sagar Chokhawala


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