Dusseldorf Altbier

My first recipe share for fellow Hombrewers of India with courtesy of a Pune brewer asking me to do this and I am happy to share a beer that was cherished in our last brew meeting in Pune.


True to german old style beer. This beer comes from a town called AltStadt in Dusseldorf. Its a bitter-sweet beer with a balance of malts-hops. This beer is a perfect form of Malt-hop partnership and gives a overall impression of amber coloured well balanced smooth German ale made with German purity law. Thus, after spending a week for the recipe here is the following Craftsmanship:

Granin Bill: for 8 lit batch for a beer Target gravity of 1.045

1. Pilsner malt-      40%-   800g
2. Munich Malt-    50%-   780g
3. Wheat Malt-       9%-    160g
4. Chocolate malt- 1%-     20 g

Hop- Magnum 15%- 60 min- 22 IBUs- 4g

Yeast used- Ale 514 (english strain) (I recommend please don't use Belgium or US strains S05 as these strains do not assimilate malto-triose and will leave your beer with residual sweetness)

You can use german strains K97 or Nottingham ale

Priming- 7 g/ litre- 56g for the batch

Mashing Schedule:

1. First take 5 lit of water and get it to 67*C and add the crushed grains and target the temp to 63*C for 1 hour. (add 0.5-1g baking soda)

2. Increase the temp to 65*C for 15 min

3. Finally take the temp to 71*C and hold it for 30 min.

4. Mash out at 76*C for 5 min

5. Sparge the grains with 78*C water with another 7 lit.


As usual boiling for 1 hour and add hops at the boil over. I recommend you use hop bag or a cloth that will help you get ride of hop trub after boil.


Cool the wort with the container lid partially covered this helps  from the fruit flies.


Transfer the cooled wort to the fermenter and shake the fermenter for 5 min for aeration. and pitch the yeast.


1. Primary fermentation- 17*C for 6 days.

2. Rack the beer into a new fermenter on the 6th day. This separates the dead yeast from the beer and avoids chances of any flavour contribution by dead yeast.

3. Change the temperature to 10*c for 7 days.

4. Bottle the beer using batch priming technique.

Tasting Notes:

Slightly bittersweet upfront with dry and bitter finish. Easy drinkable beer.

I hope this helps... Cheers!


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