Strike Temperature

A lot of home brewers ask me "How to accurately get your strike temperature".......This is what to do..............Using just simple thermodynamics formula you can achieve your strike temperature and extract maximum fermentability....
Strike Temp = [(0.41/r)*(T2-T1)]+T2
Constant= 0.41
r = ratio of initial water for mashing
T2= the target temperature of mash
T1= The initial temperature of grains
so, If you take 6lit for mashing and you are trying to strike at 65*C and your grain temperature is 30*C
Strike Temp= [(0.41/6)*(65-30)] + 65 = 67.4
so you can take temp of you mashing water to 68*C and add the grains.
Remember the grain temperature is different during winter and summer and this helps you extract maximum fermentable extract and achieve consistency.


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