German Hefeweizen

German Hefeweizen
Hefeweizen is a traditional Bavarian wheat beer brewed with at least 50% wheat malt and yeast that produces a signature clove and banana character.
It is a light and easy drinking beer for the summers, and has almost no bitterness. 

A great beer for all those show don't like better beers.

8 L, all-grain
OG = 1.048  FG = 1.010
IBU = 9.3

1.4 kg  Barley Malt
1.4 kg  Wheat Malt

7 g      Hallertau Hops ( 60 mins )

4 g      Safale Wb-06 yeast / Danstar Munich wheat beer yeat

Priming Sugar
80 g   Sugar for priming


If you want a lot of banana flavors, ferment it at higher temperatures 20 - 25C.
If you want a lof of clover flavors, ferment at a lower temperature, 15 - 17C.

Its a wheat beer, so consume fresh. Just bottle condition it for 10 - 15 days and its ready to drink.

I also made the same beer with Munich Wheat Beer Yeast from Danstar. It tastes even better than the Safale Wb-06.


  1. The FG and OG with the mentioned ingredients come out to be higher when entered on brewersfriend,com. Is the efficiency lower because of water type and mineral content? I am trying to scale this recipe to 20 L, so want to know what other things to take care of.

    1. I use an efficiency of 50 - 55% for the calculations because of Indian malts and Brew in a Bag method.
      If you get better ( imported ) malt you can get 70% efficiency with BIAB.
      So you can adjust your efficiency figures on brewersfriend depending on your setup.

    2. Thanks Sapan - Will keep that in mind.

  2. i used DME(purchased from Brewof) and German Wheat Malt for this, the colour is much darker than expected. Anything i should keep in mind for the next brew?

    Also the Head was very less and lasted less than 20 sec. Please suggest how can i improve on this?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Its all because of the DME. DME gives the beer a darker color. Also DME based beers have very poor head retention.

      Now I am not saying you cannot make good beers with DME. We have brewers here who make excellent DME based beer.
      The DME that American brewers are using and posting their recipes is much better than our DME.

      Here are some DME tips -
      - Add the DME at the end of the boil. 15 mins before the end of the boil.
      - When you add DME, turn the heat off, and add slowly and stir. To ensure no clumps reach the bottom of the vessel.

      These tips will help you with the color.

      My solution is to go all grain. Guaranteed color and head retention.

    2. Many Thanks!!!

      by 15 min before the end of boil, you mean after addition of all Hops, just when its the end of boil?

      Also could you suggest some good vendors to source the imported DME, grains etc from?

      Thanks again

    3. Correct. add the DME 15 min before the end of the boil.
      I have not found better DME anywhere else in India.
      Grain can be sourced from any of the websites mentioned in my blog -

  3. Hi Sapan, im new at home brewing. Ive been reading at most of other sites that we need to use 1ounce = 28gms of hallertau hops to make german hefeweizen beer, whereas here it is mentioned to use 7gm.
    So basically how much am i supposed to use, when i am adding a total of 12lts of water(mashing+sparging) ??

  4. Same goes for adding the amount of yeast as well. How much of water do we use while sprinkling the yeast??

    1. The recipes mentioned on my blog are mostly to make 8 litres of beer, while the recipes on the internet are 19 litres.
      Also there is no standard. If you add more hops, you will get a more bitter beer.

  5. hi..above mentioned hops are pellets or whole hops?


  6. Its pellet hops. Its hard to get and preserve whole hops.

  7. hi sapan, thanks for recipe, will brew tomorrow (1st time).. one little prb, i ordered only 2 kgs of malts instead of 2.8 kgs, ordering another 1 kg means another week..what else should i use or can i go for 8 litres with 2 kgs malts only. thanks in advance.


    1. If you still want to brew with 2 kgs malt, brew scale down everything proportionally and brew a 6 liter batch.

  8. Hi Sapan ,

    quick questions :

    - If i dont find the mentioned yeast can i use any other yeast?
    - Should i add sugar to the wort for the yeast to eat or only during priming as you have mentioned ?
    -can i use anyother hop? if not were can i source these from?
    lastly , im planning to make a 16 litre brew , so i assume i should just double the quantities ,right ?

    1. Answers -
      - For a Hefe i highly recommend a hefe yeast. You can use another yeast, but you will not get the flavours you want.
      - Don't add sugar to wort. The whole idea of mash is to convert starches into sugars. So there is enough sugar for the yeast to eat. Use sugar during priming.
      - You can use any hop for this beer, because hops have very little contribution in this beer.
      - For a 16 liter batch, just double the quantities.

  9. Thanks Chief ! Brew day today

  10. Another real time issue : My electrician is trying to connect the temperature control to the fridge , but he his having some difficulties . may i request if you can send me your electrians number so that they 2 electrians could talk ? i would be more than happy to paytm to your electricain for his time !


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