First Pale Ale

First Pale Ale

This is a simple pale ale recipe, great for beginners. 
I think this is the first recipe that you should brew.
Feel free to substitute the hops and yeast with whatever hops and yeast you can find and you will end up making a nice drinkable beer.

8 L, all-grain / extract
OG = 1.052  FG = 1.010
IBU = 15

2.6 kg  Barley Malt / 1 Kg Dry Malt Extract
0.2 kg  Table Sugar

6 g    Aurora hops (60 mins)
5 g    Aurora hops (5 mins)

4 g    Safale S-04 yeast / Safale US-05 yeast

55 g   Sugar for priming


  1. If i need to make a smaller batch, say 4litres, should I reduce all ingredients by half or is ther a formula to calculate each amount for each ingredient? thanks in advance. Pritesh,

  2. Hi Pritesh,
    You can just half all ingredients for a 4 litre batch.
    Let me know how it goes.
    - Sapan.

  3. Hello Sapan,
    I am planning to brew a smaller batch of 4 litres.
    I understand I have to half all the ingredients to make it.
    I saw how you cool your wort by putting the ice directly to it. So, In order to make a 4 lit. batch, how much ice should I add. Also, to gain a total volume of 4 litre of wort, would i have to brew with (lets say) 3 litre of water and put 2 litre ice onto it ( eventually to reach wort volume of 4 litres) Please let me know on how to go about it !
    Ankit. (

    1. Hey Ankit,

      I suggest you stick to 8 litre batches, so you finally have some beer to drink. Smaller batches lead to a lot more wastage.

      Exact process -
      Check the attaches pdf / pics on this page.

    2. Hi Ankit,

      I agree with Sapan that you should stick to a minimum of 8L batches.
      Look at it this way, you will be spending the same amount of time and efforts brewing 8L batch as well as a 4L batch. Might as well make a 8L batch which will reduce wastage. Plus, you'll have more beer to drink.


  4. Hi Sapan,
    I am planning my first brew day this Sunday and i have ordered the above ingredients for my first brew.
    I am confused on the amount of water i should boil for this 8 L batch as while i get the wort ready there will be evaporation of some amount of water.
    Can you suggest the amount of water lost while preparing the wort so that i can get the desired 8 L batch.
    Rajat (

    1. Hi Rajat,
      I would suggest you look at

      Dont worry about the evaporation. Add top up water to the fermenter to make it 8 liters in the end.

  5. Hi,
    I am first timer.. and want to brew. But not able to know how to brew. As this article only show ingredients but not to how to start. Please help.

  6. Taking inspiration from this blog, I brew my first batch of pale yale yesterday, as per the recipe given here. After 24 hrs. I find that the bubbler is continuously bubbling away. I printed the homebrew diagram given in this blog as my guide, and went about my task. The only difference is that my first batch itself is an all-grain batch, and I made a DIY mash tun myself, and also put together a wort chiller. I hope that the final product turns out drinkable.

  7. I made a wort chiller by purchasing a 1/2" copper tubing used in air conditioning. I took the help of an ac techncian in bending the tube. But he did it with a couple of welds. I would have liked to have it without any weld.
    But I do not know whether this affects the wort quality. I used this for cooling in my first batch. It cooled the wort from 90 to 40 degrees in twelve minutes time ( 8 ltr batch). But as the ambient temperature was 31 yesterday, it was not going below 35 degrees even after half an hour. I pitched yeast at this temperature. I hope it goes well.
    Can anybody tell me that the welds in the chiller would affect the wort quality or is it okay.

  8. I used Star San to santize the equipment. I used ordinary tap water. It turned out very cloudy. I used it as it is, but later on when i checked you tube, I realised the best water to mix star san is either RO water or distilled water. My brewing is complete, and it is bubbling away, so apparently it went alright. I realised I did not even know how to use the star san bottle with a small measurement portion within the bottle. I learnt now, after wasting 1 oz of star san.

  9. Hi Sapan,
    I have to thank you. As a beginnner i followed your instructions for a simple pale ale. I didnt even take any gravity readings. I prepared a 5 Litre batch proportionately. Not only did i make an exact 5 L batch but i was amazed by its taste and fizz. I got the perfect fizz based on your ratio and the beer was so rich and tasty. Thanks a lot, i cant wait to brew another pale ale. Its just too good !


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