Belgian WitBier

Belgian WitBier
Witbier, white beer, bière blanche, or simply witte is a barley/wheat, top-fermented beer brewed mainly in Belgium and the Netherlands.

8 L, all-grain
OG = 1.050  FG = 1.011  
IBU = 11

1.5 kg  Flaked wheat
1.5 kg  Barley Malt
0.3 kg  Flaked oats ( Quaker Oats )


9 g     Hallertau hops (60 mins)
12 g    Fresh Orange zest (5 mins)
5 g     Crushed coriander seed (5 mins)

4 g     Safale T-58 yeast / Safale S-04 yeast

Priming Sugar
65 g   Sugar for priming


The wheat mentioned in this recipe is simple wheat from the store. Just crush it like you would crush your malt.
The beer has a bread / wheat taste and aroma. Very delicious light beer, great on a summer afternoon.


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