Belgian Saison

Belgian Saison
This is my version of the Belgian Saison.

8 L, all-grain
OG = 1.053,  FG = 1.004
IBU = 15

2.1 kg  Pilsner Malt
0.2 kg  Table Sugar
0.2 kg Flaked Wheat
0.2 kg Munich Malt
0.2 kg Vienna Malt


7 g      Aurora hops (60 mins)
3 g      Cascade / Amarillo hops (5 mins)
6 g      Aurora Hops ( 5 mins )


6 g     Belle Saison Yeast


The beer had a very heavy fruity spicy aroma. 
The Aurora hops give it the spicy character and the Belle Saison yeast from Danstar gave it a fruity aroma.
The Munich and Vienna malts gave it the nice orange color and add to the malt character.

If you don't have the Belle Saison yeast, you can also use the Safale Safbrew-T58, but I highly recommend using the Belle Saison.


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