Banana Dunkelweizen

Banana Dunkelweizen

Dunkelweizen in a dark german wheat beer. Its an unusual combination, normally wheat beers are really pale in color, and Dark beers have a roasty, caramel / chocolate taste to them.
But this is a dark beer with little of none of the caramel / chocolate flavours. 
Its a refreshing wheat beer.

My version has a strong banana flavor to it due to higher fermentation temperatures.

8 L, all-grain
OG = 1.054  FG = 1.014
IBU = 12.5

1.3 Kg Wheat Malt
1.4 Kg Barley Malt
100g Chocolate wheat malt ( Steeping for 15-20 mins )

10g Hallertau Hops ( 60 mins )

3.5g Safale WB06

Start the fermentation at 17C and slowly raise the temperature to 23C in 4 days.
At higher temperatures the WB06 yeast will produce the nice Banana flavors.
But make sure you raise the temperature slowly.
If you start with a 23C temperature you may end up getting a lot of Fusel alcohols which taste nasty.

If you don't want the Banana flavours, just ferment it at 17C - 19C throughout.

The beer had a nice strong banana smell to it as expected.
There was very little roast flavor to it, which is good for the style.
But since I fermented too high to get the banana flavor, there was a lot of Fusel alcohol taste.
Next time I will ferment at lower temperatures.


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