Immersion Wort Chiller "Made in Pune"

We all have seen many you tube videos on the "immersion wort chiller DIY". I am a home brewer based in Pune and have been brewing for last 6 odd months with lot of guidance from some senior or experienced home brewers.

The Indian weather may not permit us to use the wort chiller all the time , but the winter gave me a opportunity to use one.

I managed to get a cold break from 95' degree C hot wort  to  30-32' degree C wort in less than 15 minutes flat in couple of my brews in Dec 2014.

Immersion wort chiller : the parts are available locally and in Pune you will find it at any AC repair shop  or at the metal market @ phulwala chowk , Ravivar Peth.

1) 3/8 size flexible copper tubes ( the ac repair guys always use this) about 1 kg ( 25 feet approx) priced at around INR 1,000/-
2) 3/8 size copper 90 degree elbows  - 4 in total
3) 4  or 5 feet of 3/8 sized straight pipe
4)  help of a gas wielder  ( if you can manage this part at home on your own please go ahead... i needed  external help on this and took help of a local gas wielder who does bike / auto wielding )

I could not  take snaps of what i did during making it and hence need to explain this :  you will need to get hold of a round steel Jar/ box / dabba  , which our mum's  or wife's have it in the kitchen to get the flexible copper wire to bend with the steel jar support. when the shaping is done and the final product should look like a spring and you should be able to take your steel jar or dabba out of the spring.

Ensure the steel jar fits into the brew  vessel / kettle with enough room to move the chiller around.
once you have done the shaping of flexible piping  and it should look like a large spring  , you will have to size and cut  the 4 straight pipes 1) one from bottom of the spring to top ( using a 3/8 copper elbow connecting at bottom and one elbow at the top end end of the pipe  to connect the out flow for hot water.
you will have to do similar exercise for the top end of the copper spring to connect the cold water inflow and yes you will have to use 2 pieces  straight pipe  and two elbows to get this done. 

once you have done the joints and wort chiller is almost ready , you will have to do some gas wielding to fix the copper elbows permanently ( you do not want leakages in the chiller thus spoiling your hard work and the wort !!)   

 do ensure before wielding  , both your inflow and outflow pipes are facing the outer part of the spring and are close to each other.  Post wielding , there would be black marks around the elbows , do not worry about them and  you can clean them using  a local copper cleaners ( pitambari )   

The pink pipe connected  is to get the inflow of cold tap water and the transparent food grade  pipe is connected to the out flow pipe. The out flow pipe should be able to handle high temps and for the 1st 5-7 mins it is piping hot water that comes out !!!

This is my very first blog and  hope I have been able to articulate the process of making the wort chiller, please do share your view/ comments and suggestions


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