Bottling made easy

In this post I will share my simple bottling procedure using basic equipment.

Most beers are fermented in 2 weeks. Its time to bottle.
The process involved simply adding some sugar syrup to the wort and packing it into bottles !!! 

Now lets do this step by step.

What you need - 

  1. Table sugar
  2. PET bottles, I simply use 600 ml soft drink bottles.
  3. Sanitizer - use mild bleach or Star San.
  4. A beaker of some container to measure the volume of liquid
  5. A 20ml syringe ( without the needle ) to measure small amounts of liquid
  6. Hydrometer to measure the Final Gravity of the wort.

Priming Solution - 

First we need to calculate the amount of sugar that needs to be added to the wort. Check the volume of the wort and use an online Priming calculator to calculate the sugar needed.

Use a weighing scale to measure the the needed sugar.

Add a small quantity of water to the sugar and boil it to make a sugar syrup.
Let the sugar syrup cool. You can also cool it in a fridge.
The yeast will ferment the sugar and produce CO2, which will carbonate the beer.

Sanitize - 

This is one of the most important steps. Remember that everything that comes in contact of your beer should be sanitized to prevent any unwanted bacteria from ruining your beer.
Use the Star San solution of the mild bleach solution to sanitize.
Wash your bottles, bottle caps, syringe, and hydromoter with the liquid.
You may want to soak the bottle caps in the sanitizing liquid for some time.

Measure final gravity -

Put some of the wort in a cylinder and measure the final gravity of the wort. As long as the gravity is within the 3 points of the expected gravity, you are ready to bottle.
Record the gravity. This will help you measure the alcohol content of the beer.
Use a ABV calculator for this -

Add priming solution to the bottles - 

Now pour the cooled sugar syrup into a beaker to measure the volume. Divide the volume by the number of bottles to determine how much needs to be poured into each bottle.
Beer volume = 6 liters, Sugar syrup = 150 ml, Number of 600 ml bottles = 10
Amount of syrup in each bottle = 15ml

Now use the syringe to pour exact amount of sugar syrup in each bottle.

Bottle the beer - 

If you use a fermenting vessel with a tap, then it is very easy to bottle.
Just fill each bottle using the tap and screw the cap.

If your fermenter does not have a tap, then you can use a siphon to pour the beer into the bottles. This is a messy job. 

Alternatively you can transfer the beer to a bottling vessel with a tap and then bottle the beer. Make sure that you santize the siphon and the bottling vessel.

Label - 

I prefer to labels on the bottles, so later we know what beer it is, and when it was bottled. Also put the Alcohol percentage and any other notes on the label.

Secondary fermentation - 

Now you should store the bottles at 18 - 20C for another 2 - 4 weeks. The beer will carbonate.
Check your bottles every 2 days, and you will notice that the bottles become tougher and tougher.
But don't hurry into drinking them right away. WAIT !!!
The beer will get better.

Happy drinking.


  1. Nice article Sapan.
    Conditioning the beer will most definitely improve the taste.

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  3. This type of bottles would be great but unfortunately amazon doesn't ship them here.

  4. You are doing a great job by running this website. This is a great help for home brewers in India where all the equipment and chemicals are not readily available.


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