Basic Equipment

All the equipment described below is available individually and as part of homebrewing kits in Pune.

  1. Weight Scale for malt
  2. Precision weight scale for hops and yeast ( Jewelry scale )
  3. Mixer Grinder if you brew with Malt. ( Not needed for malt extract )
  4. Fermenting bucket ( Water dispenser will do )
  5. Thermometer ( alcohol thermometer )
  6. Hydrometer
  7. Beaker of some container to measure small amounts of liquid
  8. Bleach / Star San
  9. Large vessel to boil the wort
  10. Temperature controller
  11. Large Icebox / Fridge
  12. Empty plastic soft drink bottles to bottle the beer
Let me show you all the equipment with pictures.

Weight scale for malt and precision weight scale
A regular weight scale with range upto 5 Kgs is needed to weigh malt.
A precision scale ( jewelry scale ) is needed to weigh yeast and hops.
Both can be bought on ebay. Search "Pocket scale or Jewelry scale" and "Kitchen scale"

Thermometer ( alcohol thermometer ), hydrometer, beaker, measuring cylinder

Thermometer for temperature readings.

Hydrometer and measuring cylinder to measure specific gravity. Hydrometer range - 1.0 - 1.1.
Make sure the you get the correct size of measuring cylinder depending on the hydrometer.
Beaker to measure liquid.
Can be bought from local laboratory shops. In Pune, go to "P H Gandhi Chemicals" or "Kumar scientific".


Basically a large vessel where you will leave your wort to ferment.
I simply use a water dispenser for this. Water dispenser has a tap and makes it easy to bottle the beer. You can get innovative and use any other type of container.
I simply wrap a foil on it to prevent stuff from getting into the wort.

You can also get glass / plastic fermenters in different sizes. 
Some fermenters with a narrow opening can be fitted with an Airlock too.
These are water dispensers from local grocery shop.

Temperature controller and fridge

You will need to maintain specific temperatures during fermentation. Around 15 - 20C for Ales, and lower for lagers.
This is the most challenging part of gathering equipment.
This can be done by attaching a temperature controller to a fridge. Buy a small single door second hand fridge from OLX or Quickr.
Attach the temperature controller to it.

I would recommend a Selec 203 AX controller ( 10A relay ) controller.
It is available in Pune at Bombay electricals.

You can also search on ebay for "Temperature controller", and there are many brands like Dixcell, which sell cheap controllers. They work fine.

Wire up the temperature controller yourself or ask an electrician.

Alternatively you can create the “Son of a chiller” setup like me. This is a cheap and smaller alternative if you are not sure about investing in a fridge. Or if your wife does not allow you to keep an extra fridge in the house.

Search for “Son of a chiller” on the internet.

I created the son of a chiller with a large ice box. 
You can buy the ice box at Raviwar Peth Pune. Just ask around in the area for a large ice box. Bigger the better.

It takes a take a lot of effort to create the box and lots of ice to maintain it.

Brew in a Bag

If you plan to use an all grain recipe, try the Brew in a Bag method.
This will save you the trouble of creating Mash tun and also shorten your brew day. 
A good  way for beginners to start with minimal investment and trouble.
I have used this method successfully even for Wheat beers.

Grains bags can be made out of nylon sarees. 
Here is how to make one -

Bottling the beer

Ideally you should bottle your beer in dark glass bottles. Used beer bottles are best. But you need a bottle capper and caps. 
Until then, just use Soft drink bottles to bottle the beer. They hold enough pressure and the beer turns out just fine, as long as you keep them in a dark place.

Advanced Equipment

This section has the advanced equipment which good to have once you sure you are going to brew enough.
Most of the stuff is available for sale in Pune.

Grain Mill
A grain mill is useful to crush malt. It can be done in mixers, which works fine, but it does not give a consistent crush.
A hand operated corona mill takes some effort, but gives a great crush.
You can even motorize it -

Mash Tun

A mash tun helps you make larger batches.
It takes some space, but you don't need to lift the heavy grain bag.

Finally I made my own mash tun. 
See detailed instructions here - 
Indian Mash Tun

Wort Chiller

One of our fellow homebrewer, made his own Wort Chiller. 

Detailed instructions - 
Immersion chiller.

Son of a Chiller ( Fermentation chamber )

One of our fellow homebrewer, made his own Son of a chiller fermentation chamber.

This is a good alternative to a fridge, takes less space and is cheaper.
But you need to replace the ice in the chamber regularly

Detailed instructions - 
Son of a chiller


  1. Great initiative Sapan!

    I was searching for some sources on wine supplies and came across your blog. I am very happy to see that you have started this blog and will help lot of people in our country who might be interested to brew their on bear.

    I tried making grape wine with things easily available locally and the same seems to have come up well. I wanted to gradually improve the process by introducing the use of wine yeast, fermentation lock and hydrometer. But it seems these things are either not available or vendors are not aware of them. thought if you could guide me sourcing these items if possible. Meanwhile some more details on the hydrometer and the test jar you are using will be helpfull. I will visit again this page to see your comments.

    Regards, Amit

    1. Dear Amit, EC 1118 wine- Lalvin yeast is available on Amazon under urban platter, I have just made a 20litres of banana wine, it's in secondary fermentation, the yeast is the best in the world, specially for whites, and it emits a great fruity flavour. Any queries do write to . As I have making wine since 5 years now, Nd I use big glazed Ceramic pots to make them, tks

    2. Hi Simran, have tried making grape, jamun and plum wine e. All of them came out pretty good. Do let me know how to make banana wine and also where to get the glazed ceramic pots. Thanks

  2. Hi Amit,

    Great to see that you are making wine.
    If you want to get the hydrometer, measuring cylinder and airlock are all available at a shop in Pune -

    Kumar scientific.
    120, Shukrawar Peth,
    Near Mandai Ganpati,

    1. Hi Sapan,
      I am based in Pune (Salisbury Park area). I was going to ask for a shop for specialist equipment like above. Thanks for providing the address.

      Since this is the first time I will be brewing, any particular beer type you would recommend to start things off? Also, if you have spare sanitation fluids, do you mind sharing? Else I could get my own, no problem.

  3. Thanks a lot Sapan. I will contact these people.

  4. Hey Sapan - What bleach do you use? If its available in Pune, it should be available in Bangalore too, so just checking.

  5. Joseph,

    Bleach is used for Sanitizing the equipment.
    Once the boil is over, everything that comes in contact with the beer, should be sanitized.

    It should be available in any chemical shop in Bangalore.

  6. Are you planning a workshop in September 2014?
    I would really like to join.

    Anil Sethi

  7. Hi Sapan,

    Really great to see some one brewing beer in India, I tried looking for beer ingredients for brewing a few years ago, but could not find much..However I managed to make port wine for a few years, I guess I can give beer a try again now.

    Are you planning any workshop in Sep 2014, I would like to come over to attend. I am currently in Bangalore but I can come over to Pune.

    Nevertheless, really great initiative..

    - Nitish (nitishkumar01 at

  8. Hi Sapan,
    I went to procure the equipments today.

    A few question I had in mind:-

    1.Is it neccessary to have a precision scale or a normal scale would work fine for yeast and hops?

    2.Are you using A temp monitor+controller or only monitor?Is it good enough if you monitor the temperature and adjust it manually through the regrigerator settings?(to save on the cost)

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Hi Daksh,

      1. Precision scale is easy to use for yeast and hops. Its only about rs 300 on eBay. But you can use the regular scale also.

      2. It is not possible to control the fridge temperature accurately. The max temp on fridge is about 10C. We need around 18 - 20C. So you will need a temp controller, should be available in local market or online.
      I use Selec branded controller which is industrial grade and hence a bit expensive.
      EBay has some cheap ones. I have not used them.

  9. Are you on Indibeers?

    Thankfully ended up here when looking for ingredients and thanks to your blog, located someone in Bangalore. Hopefully I will be able to try some at home.

    1. Hi Naveen,
      I could not access indibeers. Can you send me a url to the website.
      It would be great to get in touch with other homebrewers in India.

    2. Too late I know but it is

  10. Sapan, do you know any home brewers in Kerala? If yes, I would like to know the details. I am wondering how to get equipments here to start my home brewing of beer. I do make wine frequently using something called "Bharani" which is a porcelain urn. I want to take up a more challenging project. I know that I can buy the ingredients online from DVKSP, BREWOF and DIYBREW websites. But how will get the carboy, auto-siphon etc? :(

    1. Hi Mohan,

      I will find out any homebrewers in Kerela. I am sure there are a few.

      Equipment -
      You need very basic equipment. You really don't need a carboy and a siphon to start with.
      If you see the pictures on this page, you will notice that you can use water container as I have used instead of the carboy. Since it has a tap, you don't need the siphon either.

  11. Hi Sapan,

    Your Blog is really informative and I really appreciate the work you have done. Actually I am looking to get my brewing kit and I find it difficult to get in India. Can you please give me some vendor lists in India. My location is Mumbai and my email id is

  12. Sapan,
    Where do you buy the hops, yeast, malt in India? Also what grain do you use for the beer?

    1. Ingredients can be bought online. Please see -

      Barley malt is used to make the beer.

  13. im a biotech engineer!!good to see some indians showing interest in brew tech!!!i have recipes of different types of beer i brew at a very small scale i know all the techniques but i lack the investment.....
    ur basic component is glucose where in yeast under anaerobic conditions can undergo fermentation to form pyruvate, and then ethanol,pyruvate formation wherein no air should come in contact with the beer
    four basic required components
    1)yeast(genetically engineered would be better,also the strain of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae would produce ALE beer)
    4)raw material that ie glucose,glucose is more efficient than fructose,galactose etc etc,can be any source vegetables,fruits or grains


    1. Abhay....r u from delhi....ot you know some one from delhi who can help

  14. HI!

    Really GREAT JOB!!

    Join to our beerbrewing forum in India! I think we can help to many people in India making beer!

  15. sapan- great going. Do you know of any stores in Delhi where i can buy equipment of? Also, possible to connect me to other brewers in delhi?


    1. Check this link for equipment -

      Send me a mail at and I can guide you with equipment that you cannot find. And also connect you with others.

  16. Hey Sapan,
    can i have your email? I would like to clarify a couple of doubts i have before I can start brewing.


    1. Better yet, can you email on me on and we can take it from there?. Thanks

  17. Hi Sapan,Can you suggest any non- rinse sanitizer or liquid beach which I can buy from Local market @ Pune . Also can you suggest any specific shop name in peth area where I can purchase Sanitizer?

    1. Check the sanitizer article here -

      If you are in Pune, get in touch with me on sapanmaniyar@gmail, I have plenty to iodophor lying around. You can borrow some. Shops in Peth area ( chemical market ) will sell it, but only in litres, which is too much.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Ah, it feels really good to brew your own beer! Finally got down to doing it and the first - an American IPA was good - not great though. Too bitter and carbonation was off. - Karthik is very helpful. Made a stout this time. Waiting for it - just left to ferment on Sunday.

    1. Hey Naveen,
      An IPA and a Stout for the first 2 brews ? That's very adventures !! Way to go man. Let us know how it turns out.

  19. Dear Sapan,
    You have mentioned that you use dispenser as the fermenter. In the picture I see it is sealed with a foil. Is Using a bubbler optional?
    Thanks & regards

    1. Hey Arindam,

      There is no real need for a bubbler ( Air lock ).
      As long as the CO2 produced during the fermentation process can escape, it all good.
      Covering tightly with aluminium foil is nowhere close to air tight. So it will let all the CO2 escape and prevent anything from outside falling into the beer.

      The air lock helps as a visual aid to ensure fermentation is in progress, but is by no means a reliable indicator of the fermentation stages.
      I personally think airlocks are overrated.

    2. Dear Sapan,
      Thank you for clarifying. Do you know any home brewers in Kolkata? Also just wanted to mention that I had filed an RTI about home brew rules in WestBengal. If anyone is interested I can share a copy of the Act.

    3. Hey Arindam,
      It would be great if you can share what you found out as part of the RTI.
      Can you mail me your findings on

      I will also pass on contacts of Kolkota homebrewers in the email.

      - Sapan.

    4. Hello Arindam and Sapan, I am a home-brewer as well from Kolkata. I would be obliged to know about the RTI response as well. Great job Sapan!!

  20. Sapan could you advise from where i can get wine corks and a corker in india near pune

    1. Hey Gaurav,
      Since we are mostly beer brewers here, we have no idea.
      Try asking Sagar. His number is mentioned here -

  21. I'll do that...but thanks a ton for the info regarding Kumar scientific

  22. Where can I buy the equipment for beer or wine making in India? is there a site or store?

    1. The page above details where each item can be bought.
      If you want something specific, I can tell you where to get it.

  23. Sapan,

    You've used water containers as a fermentor. However, after pitching the yeast you must shake the beer in the fermentor to enusre oxidation of the beer.

    In your case, do you do the above process in the water container itself? Does the beer not spill out?

    1. Hi Kapil,

      I don't shake the container to oxygentate the beer. Instead I used a siphon to transfer the beer from my boil pot to the container. In the process I drop the wort from a height, which generates a lot of froth, it takes some time, but it avoids getting much trub into the fermenter, and also oxygenrated the beer.

      You can actually just pour the beer from a height into the fermeneter, for most beers under 1.060, it should be enough.

  24. tis..process beer making

    1. Please see -

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. Hi Sapan,

    I got a second hand fridge and a temprature controller (Dixcell) from eBay. However, I am having a lot of trouble wiring it up. Is it possible to post a detailed guide? Also, whats the harm in using a regular fridge thermostat with a thermometer glued inside the fridge. The regular thermostat should also be maintaining a fixed temprature according to the dial right?

    1. Its hard to post a general wiring diagram, since each controller comes with an individual wiring diagram.
      I would recommend you catch a engineer friend to wire it up for you, since playing with live electricity is dangerous and could blow up the fuses in your house.

      The fridge maintains anywhere from 3-8C temperature controlled by the dial. Most ales need 17-21C. So its not possible to use the fridge by itself.

    2. Thanks a lot. Finally got it to work. Are the ingredients on brewof and diybrew fresh? esp yeast or should I import it?

  27. Ingredients are good. Yeast should be fine too.

  28. I love beer and with the brew pubs opening in hyderabad wanted to try my hand at beer brewing at home, wen searching for equipment and raw material's found this blog, was very happy to know there are a lot of people brewing beer for such a long time. Now I feel more inspired to make it myself but stuck with some questions like
    Where to get the equipment in Hyderabad
    What kind of beer to start with and the recipe.
    If any body can help.
    Hyderabad ( 9848055677)

    1. I suggest you start with this recipe -

      Most of the stuff is now available online on ebay/amazon/flipkart. In hyderabad, you may have to search for equipment in your local market.

  29. I have been brewing wine and beer for quite some time now. Getting individual kit stuff is really hard but I have seen some initiative by to help fellow home brewers.

    Check out if you are looking for some stuffs which they can provide.

  30. Hi Sapan. Please contact me on

  31. I have already tried brewing wine now I wants to start brewing beer. Please do contact me thanks.

  32. Hi Sapan, Can you please tell me what is minimum actual cost to put the setup at home for brew beer. i m fresher so can't invest much rite now..... Also how can we measure the alcohol percentage in the beer and how can corbonate the beer( put the gas into beer)... where we get the cheap equipment in Delhi region.
    please help me on

  33. Hi Sapan, Could you please guide me in procuring Brewing equipment's in bangalore ... also if any one from Bangalaore is brewing please contact me - (8105844427)

  34. Hello guys - can you tell me the stopper/bung size to use for 20L Bisleri Can which I plan to use as a fermentor

    1. I don't exactly remember the number. Its 18 or 22. I know is a large range.
      Other problem is that Bisleri uses wider mouth bottles with screw caps unlike the other standard 20L bottles.
      You might want to take your bottle to the nearby lab shop and check the bungs onsite.

    2. Thanks Sapan will try it out

  35. Hi any tips and suggestions on sanitation of brewing equipment? What chemicals to use and how to get them locally in India?

    1. Check this -

  36. Thanks Sapan for all this valuable info, i understood most of stuff but one query, in your picture, where you are using water dispenser to ferment how are you managing airlock, i can see you have used foil paper to lock dispenser mouth. Please help me understand that.

    1. A foil is good enough to prevent stuff from falling into the beer. Thats all you need. Wrap a sanitized aluminium foil tightly on the mouth of the container. And don't worry, all the CO2 will easily escape. After its not going to be airtight.

  37. Thanks a lot Sapan, will it be possible for you to share the wiring diagram of selec, I am not sure if i can hook it up myself or find an intelligent electrician to fit it on my fridge.I also checked the wiring diagram for Tx203 online but couldn't find it. thanks

    1. Check here -

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  39. Hi I have developed a smart home brewing equipment in india . If any one interested kindly let me know .
    Fit and finish of the equipment is Krisp.
    And also I am looking for LME AND DME AND YEAST.
    AND ALSO grains for brewing .
    Could you pls help me out

    1. Check here for your supplies -

    2. Hi, this is Dr Ghorpade from Bangalore. I have been making some wine from grapes, orange and ginger. They have come out good. No special equipment. I am interested in making beer. I require your help in equipment and the process
      Thanks in advance. My mail id is

  40. Hi Sapan ,
    I came across your blog online . So that's how I managed to get your email I.d
    I appreciate your work on the blog very useful .
    I have recently developed a smart home brewing machine in india .
    Material of construction : complete ss.
    Fit and finish of the equipment is good .
    If you are interested to look the machine Kindly get to in contact.
    And also I have requirement of Liquid malt extract and Dry malt extract and hops .
    Kindly help me out .
    Thanks and regards,
    Lakshman varma

    1. Send me some details on and we can discuss further.

  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  42. Hi Sapan
    Came across your blog recently. Very interesting. Is there any home brewer in NCR whom I can contact.

    1. Send me an email on We can take it from there.

  43. Hi Sapan great blog.
    Where do we get liquid malt. I have tried with malt grains and it had come out good but a little bitter

    1. I don't know where you can get liquid malt extract in India.
      To reduce the bitterness just reduce the amount of hops in your beer.
      Generally malt does not contribute to any bitterness.


Please mention your email ID, if you have any queries, so I can contact you.