Review of supplies websites

Supplier review 

if you're new to homebrewing and don't know if these are reliable or not, you're not alone. Welcome to the biggest dilemma faced by Indian homebrewers. 

I was new to the whole homebrewing experience. when I found the sites (before i found Homebrewing in India). I was very sceptical about whether these sites are legit or not. I didn't know if they were old or new. I had no way of knowing whether they were regularly maintained. Worse if they were even going to fulfil my order. 

Frankly speaking no one wants to lose their hard earned money. Moreover probably no one will go to court over couple of thousand rupees(homebrewing requires deep pockets).

What follows is my experience with these sites. I have been doing business with them for over 8 months now. I will try my best to be as unbiased and objective as possible. Do contribute with you own experience in the comments bellow and help fellow brewers out.  

Admittedly I have ordered the most from this website than anywhere else combined.  even though it has very limited stock and variety of grains/DME, hops and yeast.  

I have ordered about 5 times from the order can take upto 7 to 10 days to arrive at my home in Delhi, so you'll need to time it accordingly. the packaging is decent but it looks like it was done at home(which I don't mind). ahs gained my trust. 

out of 5 orders only one time the order was incomplete. Two packs of caraamber was missing luckily I had ordered extra substitute grain which saved the day. 


  • Grain is Uncrushed - some like it this way (I prefer crushing grains according to my use).
  • It will deliver - you'll get your supplies rest assured.
  • Prices of products listed here are marginally less than its competitors. 


  • Grain is uncrushed - some brewers like it pre-crushed (you'll have to invest in a decent crusher/grinder).
  • Low variety - this is not your one stop shop. 
  • Low inventory - recurring supplies are not in stock always, but that's the case with other sites too. 

I have only ordered 3 times from however I am quite satisfied with their services. My first order was a crusher/grinder, it took more time to reach than what was mentioned on upon enquiry of the same.It turned out that the product got damaged during transit and they had sent a fresh piece again.

The yeast and the hops if ordered separately come in an envelop and they are vacuum packed. Brewof takes the cake for best packaging when it come to grains. Grains are vacuum packed in a silver plastic bag. this makes them look legit also gives one the satisfaction that the grains will be fine.


  • Best packaging. 
  • Good variety of products. It even has some equipment for brewing.
  • Delivery by first flight couriers available on most products.
  • looks like a substitute business venture of DVKSP impex Pvt. Ltd.


  • Grain is uncrushed.
  • low inventory.
  • doesn't always mention  EBC or L for grains. 

I have ordered only once from It definitely gives me an idea of what its like if not the whole picture. The order reached me on time and the packaging was similar to that of 

However, has recently gone offline a number of times. Which makes not order for here(but that's just me). The question of "what if I order and goes offline?" pops up again and again. 

That being said it has the best collection of malts, hoops, yeast and brewing equipment amongst other things. It also has a strange payment system which is beyond me.


  • Kit to kegs and everything in between- the variety of product is mind boggling.
  • Starter kits of all grain and DME with instructions available.


  • Strange payment method- something like paypal would be way easier.
  • keeps going offline.
  • can be expensive.

I will keep adding new information to it as i discover things. If you think i missed out something please mention it in the comments. I cannot comment on how the other websites are because i haven't ordered from them yet and I probably won't, only because everything is available on these websites mentioned above.


  1. I think now most of the equipment is available on

    No need to use these websites for anything but raw material. All equipment purchases are cheaper on

    1. Please post a few links from amazon so it will help others.

    2. For basic equipment kits:
      Cheap basic option for starting to brew

      Alternatives: Basic fermenter:


      Star san is the best for Home brewing purposes.

    3. Thanks CiderGuy.
      The Star San link is especially useful.

      But all this stuff is shipped from US as expected.
      Kits are good for one time.

      Look at your local markets for buying equipment at a fraction of the price.

      See my link here for local equipment -

      Also malts bought in 25Kg bags is many times cheaper.

    4. Hi, Sapan I want to order the 25kg bags as well... where can i order it from ?

  2. Anybody from Bangalore - who can guide where I can buy the equipment locally.

    1. Get in touch with They should be able to help you.

    2. Thanks Sapan - Will check it out

    3. Hi Sapan,

      I checked out their website but their address is not published. I was planning a visit to their store to buy the equipments

      Thanks for all your help


  3. Can anyone tell me the exact address of It seems they are in Koramangala in Bangalore but didn't get the exact address. I am very new to home brewing and wanted someone to help me with buying the proper equipment. I don't even have a brew pot

    1. Contact them through the website.
      I don't think they have a physical store. Its only an online store.

    2. Hey Krishna, if you have managed to get the address or contact details let me know, it will be of great help. I am from Bangalore and looking to buy products from the site

  4. Hi everyone,

    Are there any home brewer from Hyderabad because i am facing difficulty in procuring all the necessary equipment's locally. If anybody can share there views it would be much helpful.

    1. What equipment are struggling with ? Most of it available in every city.
      If there is anything specific, we can guide you.

  5. Just an update, i was trying to get in touch with for temperature controller but no response via email, contact form and Facebook. Not sure if they are operating, i got the response from though and they were prompt. Please keep in mind before you order from

    1. they are operating I ordered supplies from then a few days back

      hope that helps

  6. Hi Sapan, one query regarding my first brew.

    I am ordering from ( i am able to find the wheat malt +hops+yeast) but no extract is available , is it mandatory to add the extract in biab ?

    Also is there i combination i should choose for wheat malt, can i choose any hop and safale 04 for my first brew.

    Please assist, i think i will get more confidence after first brew but for now need your help.

    1. Which recipe are you trying to brew ? You really don't need extract. You can use barley malt for that.

      Some recipes here -

      I suggest -
      Use cascade instead of Aurora hops, and use S04 yeast. Use 2.6kgs of barley malt instead of extract.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. if you're based from Delhi or near maybe i can help over a few home-brews...

  7. Hello, very helpful information . 1 question. The Chinese pump you ordered, can you please share the link ?

    1. Check this -


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