Homebrew Sanitizers in India

Santization is one of the most important aspects of homebrewing.
While everything else that is needed for brewing is now readily available online, Santizers seem to be completely missing.

So this post is a quick guide to the santizers available in India, and how to use them.
If you find out where you get these in your city, please post a comment on the post to help other homebrewers.


Bleach has been used as a Santizer for a long time by homebrewers.

Where to get

Any chemical shop in your city sells bleach. This is the easiest santizer to get. It is cheap too.

How to use

Dilute 4 ml in 1 liter of water, and soak equipment for 20 mins to Santize. Its better to rinse the bleach with boiled water.
The problem with bleach is that it smells bad, and its hard to use. 20 mins of soak time !!! That a lot of effort ! And you need to rinse with boiled water as well.


Iodophor is a iodine based sanitizer. This sanitizer is commonly used by homebrewers in the west.
Iodophor is also extensively used in the dairy and food industry.

Where to get

Very few chemical show will sell Iodophor. So this is harder to get. It is even harder to get this in small quantities. I managed to get it in chemical shops in Pune ( 1 liter for Rs 1200 ).
This may look really expensive, but considering that you and your fellow homebrewer friends will never be able to finish 1 liter of Iodophor, it is not that expensive.

How to use

Normally the Iodophor available in India has 2% free Iodine. We need a 12.5 ppm solution.
Dilute 0.75 ml of Iodophor in 1 liter clean water to make the solution. Soak equipment for 2 mins to sanitize.
It is no rinse, so just drain out all the sanitizer, no need to rinse with water.
I suggest that you make new solution every time you brew. Although it can be stored in an airtight bottle, it may lose some of its effectiveness over time.

There are some minor problems with Iodophor, it will stain plastic over time, but not a big deal.

Star San

Star is one of most popular homebrew Sanitizers used by brewers in US. It is the easiest sanitizer to use among all other sanitizers.

Where to get
Star San is NOT available / sold in India. It has to be imported. So if you have friends coming from US / Europe, make sure you order a small bottle of Star san. You will be glad you got hold of it. It is really economical since it can be re-used.

How to use
Dilute 1.5 ml of Star san in 1 liter of water to make the solution. Soak the equipment for 2 mins to sanitize.
No need to rinse with water.
You can store the solution for a long time, and used sanitizer can be reused again and again as long as its clear.
If the solution turns milky, throw it away.

This is my favorite sanitizer, I have used it a lot, but its not available in India.

DIY no-rinse Santizer

You want Star san type no-rinse sanitizer in India ?
Make it yourself. Here are all the steps to do it - Do it yourself sanitizer


Some people suggest using Ethanol with 70 5 ethanol solution.
But I have never used it + Ethanol is very flammable and expensive.

I will try this one out and update the post, if I can successfully use Ethanol.

For more information on Sanitizer, read - http://www.howtobrew.com/section1/chapter2-2-3.html

If you are in Pune, I can lend you some Iodophor / Star San. I have both in plenty.


  1. My name is Deepak. I would like to know if you have star san and how much does it cost. My mail Id is deepaklaxman@gmail..com

    1. Try www.amazon.in, you might find star san.
      You can try to use Iodophor too. It is easier to get.

  2. Hydrogen Peroxide works very well. Plus you can buy it at medical stores in India(Used as Oral Gargle). 3% and 6% are available. Both sanitise in around 7-9 minutes. Plus it breaks down to water and oxygen without any odour. Minimal rinsing needed.

    1. Hi Yashodhan, I got the 6% H2O2 from a medical store. Could you tell me proportions with water? Is there any way to figure out that it worked (without waiting for the fermentation to complete)?

    2. You will have to use the H2O2 directly. And then drain it.
      Figuring out if it worked without fermentation is very difficult at home.
      You would need to be a micro biologist and do some swabbing and plating to figure that out.

      I suggest you just use it, and carry on with your batch. If your batch turns out fine, its all good.


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